2018 F Mike Daum (Grad Transfer)

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2018 F Mike Daum (Grad Transfer)

Postby hilltopalum » Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:10 pm

Thought he needed his own thread.

Interview earlier this week (http://kwsn.com/news/articles/2018/mar/21/zimmer-daum-likely-to-return-to-sdsu-but-dont-rule-out-nba/) maintains Daum is most likely to be back at SDSU. However, each interview continually mentions there is a chance he could still leave as a Grad Transfer. I have said for awhile, if he leaves, Creighton is an obvious landing place.

Why Creighton?
- If Daum were to grad transfer he would want a step up in competition, he would get that in the Big East.
- Creighton's offense is predicated on spreading the floor and allowing forwards to shoot. Would compliment Daum's game perfectly.
- Daum would assume the Doug McDermott role in Creighton's offense.
- Daum is a long-time admirer of Doug and models his game after the way he plays.
- Daum's current coach, TJ Ozelberger and Coach Mac are close. Otz was Mac's ace recruiter while at Iowa State. Otz almost followed Mac to Creighton after he left Iowa State.
- Daum's other SDSU coaches include, Ben Walker (former Creighton player and teammate of current Asst Coach Alan Huss), and director of basketball Operations Tyler Glidden (former McDermott staffer)
- Some say why would Daum leave a school where he is the big man on campus, at Creighton he would still fill that role. He'd be a celebrity in Omaha no doubt.
- A good year would greatly improve his draft stock. Doug's ability to translate his Valley game into a Big East game saw him climb the draft board and solidify his place in the NBA at least out of college.
- SDSU's ceiling with Daum is much lower than Creighton's ceiling with Daum. If he wanted NCAA tournament success I believe he would be poised for a deeper run with the Jays than with the Jackrabbits, especially in Khyri comes back. Just my opinion.
- In an 2017 interview, Daum was asked about Creighton and Nebraska basketball programs:

Interviewer: Growing up in Nebraska did you watch Husker basketball or those Creighton McDermott teams with Grant Gibbs and Ethan Wragge?

Daum: Yea, I did. I watched McDermott a lot, I actually didn’t watch Huskers at all. I really admired Doug McDermott, the way he played and the style he played.


Why Not Creighton?
- Still think the biggest barrier to Daum coming to Creighton is Daum staying where he is. He obviously loves his school and wants to lead them to NCAA success.
- Other schools mentioned to be interested are Wisconsin and Nebraska. Wisconsin coach Joe Krabbenhoft was highly involved with transforming Daum into a Summit league force.
- Leave for NBA.
- Leaving SDSU could hurt his draft stock. I don't buy into this line of thinking but it is out there.
- It Otzelberger leaves, Daum could go with him.
- SDSU brings back star freshman David Jenkins and other pieces that set the program up for a nice season next year.
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Re: 2018 F Mike Daum (Grad Transfer)

Postby jfan » Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:36 pm

Good post. Fingers crossed. We need a scorer for next year and he fits the bill!
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Re: 2018 F Mike Daum (Grad Transfer)

Postby Jet915 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:58 pm

Man, this would be a dream come true....
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Re: 2018 F Mike Daum (Grad Transfer)

Postby Helmzy » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:29 pm

Declared for the draft without an agent
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