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Re: Future Schedules

Postby Dundee Hipster » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:35 pm

Ole Miss responded to Dan Muller. They're playing next season apparently now.
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby Jet915 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:01 pm

Yeah, their AD responded, I hope he talked to Coach Kennedy first before he sent that tweet out....lol.
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby bleedblue » Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:00 pm

Per Jon Rothstein were hosting Yale next season. Don't know how to link tweets, sorry about that.
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby LJay » Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:00 pm

77 - 62
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby wildjays » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:30 am

As usual you can get all the future non-conference schedule info for all teams here

http://whiteandbluereview.com/future-bi ... schedules/

We will update as we find out.
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby Old MVC Days » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:07 am

Good non-conference opponent. As long as they are acting as a gimme game instead of a SWAC team, which I suspect that they are.
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby bleedblue » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:22 am

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Re: Future Schedules

Postby section202jay » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:25 am

I like who we have added so far with Yale and UT Arlington. Both will have RPIs hovering between 100-200 probably, maybe higher. Would much rather play those teams instead of the 300+ ones. They're games we should win, but will challenge us and not sink our RPI and numbers.

I do still want to see us get a good H/H series. I don't want the non-conference home schedule to be highlighted by Nebraska. Give me a Pac12 or Big12 school.
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby westojay » Sat May 20, 2017 12:16 pm

At Northwestern in Gavitt games per Jon Rothstein
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Re: Future Schedules

Postby bluejayfan00 » Sat May 20, 2017 12:26 pm

Love it. Good game. Northwestern should be better than they were this year, could be a change to get a win on the he road against a top 25-ish team.
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