Baylor game thread

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Baylor game thread

Postby CU Final Four » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:33 am


Remember the Alamo.

“More recently, sixth-seeded Baylor topped third-seeded Creighton 85-55 in the Third Round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament. That game ended that career of Creighton seniors Doug McDermott, Ethan Wragge, Grant Gibbs and Jahenns Manigat. Current fifth-year seniors Tyler Clement and Toby Hegner redshirted on that Creighton team, but did not appear in the game.”
I love Creighton basketball. Yes, I do. I love Creighton. How about you?

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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby KenoshaJay » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:31 am

Jays 88
Bears 84

KT with FT's to seal the deal.

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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby Helmzy » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:01 am

KenoshaJay wrote:Jays 88
Bears 84

KT with FT's to seal the deal.


I think our defense shows up tonight. Baylor does. Or have a good offense. I like 79-72 Jays
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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby Realhoops » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:09 am

I can’t wait to see how Mac schemes for their 7 footer - he was scoring at will on Wisky in the fiirst half. They are long and athletic and run a zone - which, as usual, seemed to confuse us for a while last night. Gonna be a fun challenge.
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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby cu8493 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:11 am

Didn't get to watch the game, but from box score and play by play: Baylor was up 19 with 11 left. It was still a 14 point game at 8 and change to go. Wisconsin closed the gap to 2 points with 2:15 to go. Baylor made 13-15 free throws in the last two minutes and Wisconsin missed a dunk and a couple of jumpers in the last couple minutes to fall back to 7 down before hitting a three and giving up a FT in the last couple seconds to account for the 5 point margin. Baylor shot 6-10 from three first half and 58% overall, but shot just 25% second half (and 0-3 from 3). Baylor hit a layup with 11:43 to go (put them up 19). From there, they hit a basket at 8:43, and did not score again other than from FT line (4 points from field in last 11:43). Hopefully, that means they wore down and maybe playing two nights in a row will wear into them even more (hoping). Need to keep the pace up, and play good defense so we keep them in sight first half. Wisconsin shot only 40% for the game and 7-21 from 3. I am sure Baylor's length and defense had something to do with that. have to chase Manu off the 3 point line and keep them off the offensive glass. Do that, and I like our chances (and we need 2nd half Marcus to turn in a full game tonight). Wonder if we will see Kaleb some with it being second game in two nights.
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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby cujaysfan » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:44 am

Baylor -1

O/u 154
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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby RVB » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:47 am

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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby Easypaddy » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:02 am

At first glance they appear to have a significant size advantage... Would love to get a payback win, but I'm concerned that this is (again) a bad match up for us.
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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby Eye of the Jay » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:21 am

Good thing is we're playing with house money. Baylor will for sure be a top 50 team and possibly top 25 at the end of the season. A neutral court loss won't kill us, but it could be insurance for any possible non-con slips (UTA) or conference miscues (can we please win at Georgetown for once?!!?!).

Keys to the game:
-Less offensive firepower for Bears than years past. Still long and athletic but really have to hone in on 2 players.

-Manu Lecomte is a studly senior pg who's hitting almost 50% from deep and already has over 30 attempts on the year. He's also great at drawing contact and is 31-33 from the stripe this year. Don't foul him or give him space up top! I think you put Khyri on him to frustrate him as he's only 5'11''

-Jo Lual-Acuil is a 7 ft beast down low averaging over 10 rbs per game and scoring at will on smaller teams. Martin and Manny have to play smart and straight up - limit the fouls! I don't know how well our guards are going to be able to drive against him, but if we do try to get him in foul trouble and out of there!

Maston, McClure and Omot are all solid players but we can't let the top 2 guys beat us. Zone won't work as I think they'll devour offensive rebounds if we do that. I say play help-man but pack it in tight down low to prevent offensive boards. They're 29-73 on the year from deep and only 14-42 when you take out Lecomte so can live with some semi-guarded 3s. But don't let Jake Lindsey or Lecomte get open looks.

Martin and Ronnie have to work hard down low without fouling. If those guys step up I think our wings will be able to penetrate the zone and get some guys into foul trouble. Keep pushing the ball amd beat the defense down the floor!

Hoping to get that 2014 nightmare out of my head but can't until we show up to play against Baylor. Scott Drew is one heckuva coach and hoping Mac and the guys have something up their sleeve tonight. Really want this win and hope I'm wrong with this prediction.

Bears 78 Jays 71
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Re: Baylor game thread

Postby gtmoBlue » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:10 pm

from my preseason predictions -

A great field in KCMO at the HOF Classic (20th-21st) with a rebuilding but ranked UCLA, Then either rebuilding Baylor or rebuilding Wisconsin (both ranked in some polls). I see a Creighton vs Baylor final.
UCLA had 3 frosh go pro and lost nearly all of their offense. Welsh & Holiday return. I want Wisconsin, but they lost way too much (Hayes, Showalter, Koenig, and Brown), and Happ is being asked to lead, score, and retool his shot. Wiscy is taking an Aussie/NZ trip to build chemistry and gain early experience. Baylor lost Motley and grad transfer (out) Al Freeman, have Sudanese Aussie Lual-Acuil (LOO-ahl ah-CHU-ill, 5th yr Juco) and Belgian Manu Lecomte (shooting PG) returning.
Creighton has a history of playing very well in this event (former Guardian’s Classic-2 titles/trophies) and in Kansas City in general. The Jays should win the HOF Classic and will join the major polls as a new inclusion the week of 27 November.

Baylor has beaten 3 cupcakes, including Alcorn St. and barely survived a retooling Wisconsin team. Wisconsin came back from a 19 point deficit and held Baylor scoreless for an 8:43 span. Not the making of a worldbeater team in Baylor. They are not the 2014 team. Heck they are not last years team (no Motley or Freeman). Drew will not want to run with Creighton, he will slow it down, take the air out of the ball, and attempt to turn the game into a grindfest. It won't work.

Jays win the Hof Classic
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