1999 Baylor Game

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1999 Baylor Game

Postby tchap623 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:26 pm

On December 4, 1999 - Creighton defeated Baylor in Waco in what is probably the most incredible Creighton game that I witnessed in person.

I don't remember the exact details - but Creighton trailed the entire game - and was down by about 6-8 with thirty seconds to go. Ben Walker and Ryan Sears led a comeback in which Creighton improbably tied the game sending it to overtime - and ultimately winning in OT by 1. My memory (which has faded) is that Creighton needed 2 three pointers and a tip-in at the buzzer to tie the game in the last 16 seconds.

This is the sort of game that would have had thousands of hits in the YouTube era...today...but instead, it lives in the memory of those few Bluejay fans that witnessed it. I was hoping that someone had footage or links to that last 30 seconds or so of regulation. It bears a re-watch.
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Re: 1999 Baylor Game

Postby Polyfro » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:37 pm

It was a helluva game -- down 14 with four minutes left, rallied to win pretty much exactly as you described. One of the more incredible comebacks you'll ever see, especially on the road.

Unfortunately it wasn't televised, and CU doesn't have any coaches gamefilm of it anymore either -- I asked about it three or four years ago for WBR's Bluejay Rewind series and was told the archives had nothing (or if they did, they had no idea where it was; tapes weren't really catalogued all that well from the DA era). Alas.
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