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Re: Seton Hall

Postby Polyfro » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:12 pm

WBR's Morning After recaps a disappointing loss: ... ner-90-84/
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby Jaysker12 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:40 pm

I thought Mac's decision to go zone on them was great. It cut off their run and allowed us to hold that 6pt lead for a few minutes. Said it to a friend last night, this team is incredibly vulnerable to scoring droughts when the pace of the game slows down. Lack of a true point guard hinders our ability to score in the halfcourt. Regardless, if Khyri hits that three, if Foster doesn't charge into three defenders and turn it over, if Krampelj doesn't travel, outcome could have been different. I agree that all composure was lost in those last three minutes. Let it Fly is awesome in the first half, when it isn't working, it looks like careless, reckless basketball. Huge missed opportunity. SH is a great team and we could have/should have stolen one from them.

All that said, only way for this team to go is up. Inexperience shone through last night, they will continue to improve.
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby Alphawalt » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:46 pm

go_jays wrote:
DC_JAY wrote:While I agree the Jays are inexperienced compared to a senior-laden team like SH, this is not an inexperienced Creighton team. All five of our starters have been to an NCAA tournament. We start two seniors. We start a junior who has played almost every game since arriving at Creighton. Sure we've got some freshmen, but they weren't the ones panicking down the stretch.

The Jays don't need experience, they need composure. And while sometimes composure comes with experience, the two don't always go hand in hand.

I will say at least Mac called some timeouts this time to try and stave off the SH comeback.

Minutes played equals experience... not year in school.

Mintz = inexperience
Foster = experience
Thomas = experience
Harrell = inexperience
Krampelj = inexperience

Powell = experience (even though he's a sophomore, he had the 4th most mins on the team as a freshman and is within 12 mins total of having MOST minutes on the team this year)
Carrington = experience
Rodriguez = experience
Nzei = experience
Sonogo = experience

Creighton 84 Seton Hall 83

3:09 Mintz misses front end of 1 and 1
2:22 Harrell drives baseline and loses ball, jump ball, Creighton maintains posession
2:22 MIntz inbounds ball to Krampelj who immediately travels and turns ball over to SH, turnover
2:03 Carrington drives on Krampelj and scores Creighton 84 Seton Hall 85
1:46 Thomas drives, gets cut off, puts up shot, Krampelj misses put back
1:29 Rodriguez drives misses, Thomas pushes Nzei on ensuing rebound, Nzei makes 1 of 2 Creighton 84 Seton Hall 86
1:06 Thomas puts up air ball on wide open 3 point attempt
:35 Carrington puts up a brick, we rebound
:29 Foster drives and tries wrap-around to Krampelj, pass is off the mark but Harrell recovers it
:27 Harrell throws the ball to Rodriguez in effort to get it to Foster in corner, turnover
:19 Mintz fouls Carrington, who makes both Creighton 84 Seton Hall 88
:12 Foster looses handle on ball going up for a jump shot
:11 Thomas fouls Rodriguez, Rodriguez makes both Creighton 84 Seton Hall 90

There's no doubt who was the more composed team here. As far as a lack of composure on Creighton's side... it looks pretty evenly split. But having 3 players on the floor with limited experience in BE play...

This game was ultimately lost for 2 reasons: 1) lack of experienced/solid point guard play; 2) poor coaching. Poor point guard play leads to the following bad things happening in each of our three losses: 1) ball passing gets worse toward end of game, no solid PG to calm things down; 2) players who don’t have great dribbling skills end up dribbling too much and turning the ball over - Harrell, Khyri and Martin; 3) Mintz plays too fast and out of control; 4) Foster puts up ill advised shots, sure he can make some of them, but when you force too many shots, especially if they are quick shots, that goes away from our very good flow offense and when missed lead to an easy basket by other team; 5) everyone tends to put up ill advised shots. On coaching: 1) time out should have been called at about 1:30 to play at 86-84 to set up a good shot, instead we rushed the ball up and Khyri took a terrible shot, it was worthless to take last TO at 5 seconds down by 6. 2) in general, Coach has not run very many set plays, something you need to do at the end of close games; 3) lack of flexibility and change/adjustments when other team makes a run/takes lead in the second half. Yes, I love our primary style of play, but you can’t be so stubborn to not change up during the game.

For PG play, I would like to see Tyshon eventually play at the end of games as he seems to be a calmer influence and more confident in pressure situations than Mintz. For coach, I want him to be a little more flexible, and manage situations better, we do have the pieces to win games like this. Lastly, Ballock needs to shoot the ball more, he only put up 1 shot last night, and turned down a few shooting opportunities, which seems to be a trend the last few games.
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby Jet915 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:04 pm

Yeah, I would have liked to see Tyshon at the end of the game, he was hitting some clutch jump shots in the second half and is shooting better from the FT line....
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby cujaysfan » Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:11 pm

mintz looked out of control at times last night - although there were a few times when it still resulted in a bucket at the rim

or maybe that was the bourbon i was viewing the game through...

thank God for bourbon

the question is starting to loom - will we beat a team that will end the year ranked this season
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby robry » Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:09 pm

I would like to have seen Suarez in the second half. SH was getting easy buckets in the paint and rebounds. I know MS is not the fastest guy on the court but he does provide us a big body that may have helped eliminate the inside dominance.
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby bigredtank » Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:49 pm

I'm still recovering from this disappointment. I didn't get to watch the second half but every time I checked the feed, it was a turnover, a missed front end. Something. Still, you can't let the team you are crushing come back in a mad rush like they did. You have to adjust. It's an all too familiar theme this year.
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby section221jay » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:50 pm

For the most part I'm not buying the inexperience excuse.

1. Mintz isn't ever going to be the answer at the point. Not trying to bash him but he's just there until someone better can be found. Alexander has way more upside obviously but experience IS an issue there....I'd rather have lost with him on the court and let him GET the experience.

2. Kramplj may count as "inexperienced" but he was CU's best player last night.

3. CU's MOST experienced players...well the loss lies mostly at their feet. When it comes to stepping on someone's throat or stopping a rally or hitting a winning shot you have to count on guys like Foster and Thomas. They simply didn't come through. They didn't against Baylor either. That's concerning going forward.

4. Hegner has TONS of experience but he's playing WAY out of position. Hegner at the 5 with any regularity in the Big East is a disaster.

CU lost their composure last night. And it is obviously something to be concerned about going forward. This second half shit is now firmly planted in their heads.
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby go_jays » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:14 pm

Well, I don't think we are coming back to ________

This is the FIRST conference game against a VERY solid opponent on THEIR floor. I think it will turn out to be the biggest test of the year because of that accumulation of circumstances. In some respects, the fact that we were in the game with :20 to go was noteworthy.

So, I am saying 2 things...

1) It's early...
2) It's really hard to get a team that's used to going 100 miles an hour in 4th gear to slow things down to 55 in 3rd gear. It just is... ask any coach. And BTW... I have no doubt that the reason Mac hesitates to call timeouts is because he really DOESN'T want to slow the pace down with it. We want to play at break-neck speeds... But with out the turnovers. Really, REALLY hard to do.

I still maintain they are inexperienced, but they are learning. I'm willing to give them more slack than most, I guess. And I really think that the guys were starting to believe that they, as individuals, had to take the team on their back... not from selfishness, but because they saw the panic in some of their teammates eyes. That too, will go way, I believe. Hopefully, one of those lessons learned in defeat.
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Re: Seton Hall

Postby awolfson0 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:59 pm

There's experience, and there's leadership experience.

Foster and Thomas are CU's leaders, and they're still learning how to lead.

It's hard to argue that there aren't a lot of inexperienced players on the team: Mintz, Alexander, Ballock, Krampelj are four of the top eight rotation guys, and you could throw Harrell in there, too.

Compare that to Seton Hall. They're an outlier, sure, but that's what experience looks like.

Martin might be a special case. Aside from the travel and the missed FTs, he kept the Jays in the game. He never seems to lack composure out there.
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