The reason I hate UNL

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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby Outlaw_Wales » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:55 pm

1620Jay wrote:
Outlaw_Wales wrote:
1620Jay wrote:Not cherry picked the quote and left out other parts. There was nothing classless about what he said.

Here's the whole quote:

UNSaviorFrosty wrote:“It was a decision I don’t know I would have been courageous enough to make. That’s the answer you want to hear. The other answer is that he was pretty obviously better and they had 12 games to figure that out and didn’t. Coach Saban is above criticism with everything he’s accomplished, so I don’t mean it that way, but I recruited Tua out of high school and knew what he could do and it doesn’t surprise me that he did what he did. Jalen’s a great player, too. That was a very bold and courageous move and I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier [in the season].”

So ... the rest of the quote is basically him saying "I knew all along" -- you know, like "I'm clearly smarter than Saban and it's shocking that he didn't see this from the start."

Not quite sure what makes the rest of the quote so much better than the first part.

Yeah, I’m sure that was Frosts say he is clearly smarter than Saban. I can see how you got that out of Frost saying he’s unsure he would have enough courage to make that call. Lol. But to take that quote and compare him to probably the oddest dude in CFB in Harbaugh is quite funny. Frost recruited Tua, I’m sure he’s well aware of how talented he is and that’s probably why Frost said he was surprised he wasn’t handed the keys earlier. And quite honestly...I don’t know how anyone can disagree with that considering the outcome of the title game. It worked out for Bama regardless as Hurts is obviously very good as well...but imo he’s not the same talent as Tua.

Nice try. It wasn't saying "I don't know I would have been courageous enough" in which Frost suggests he was smarter than Saban. That part of the quote is pretty comparable to starting out with, "No offense, but ..." or something similar -- it's an attempt to deflect before you state the insulting part. It's the rest -- you know, saying that Tua was "pretty obviously better" and being surprised that Saban didn't figure that out during the prior 12 games. And the rest of the quote -- that you were upset was initially left off ("cherry picking") -- where he says that he recruited Tua so he knew that he would play that way and that it was surprising that Saban didn't figure it out sooner. That's where it's pretty clearly him implying that he knew better than Saban. And it's still pretty hard to see any other way to read it -- "I recruited him. I knew what he could do. He was pretty obviously better. They had 12 games to figure that out and didn't. It was surprising it took that long." I'm sure that should be read to mean something much classier than just the first part of the quote suggested.

Given what happened in the game it's pretty easy to use hindsight and say it was obvious and surprising that the move wasn't made earlier, especially if Saint Frosty says it was obvious. But it's not like Jalen Hurts struggled game after game all year -- the dude is like 25-2 over his college career playing at Bama. To suggest you should have benched that kind of a guy earlier in the year for a freshman who had not yet done anything and that it was obvious that should have happened much sooner is, well, a little absurd. Your opinion of their level of talent aside, of course.
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby Jaybird » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:06 pm

Exactly right. This was passive-aggressive snark by the Wood River messiah, pure and simple. It was a big slice of snide hiding under a little bit of whipped cream. "Well, that's not how I would have done it, since there was a better guy on the bench all along, but it worked out, so good for them", or something like that. Forgetting, I guess, that Bama wasn't exactly stumbling around in a swamp of mediocrity all year. They won 11 of those 12 (actually 12 of 13) that Frost was talking about with Hurts at QB. But they needed to go to the bullpen Tuesday night and they found a closer they hadn't been using, or needed, much until that moment. (Despite this pretend Jays fan's expert opinion that Tua was better all along, something he was in a much better position to assess than, say, that Saban guy).

Frost will have to find a new quarterback next year, and he'll have at least three who will all expect to be the Man. I can't wait to see, once he chooses a guy, whether he ever makes a change during the season, him having such a keen eye for talent and all.
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby Wizard of Westroads » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:24 pm

Returning to basketball, looks like their starting center is a midseason transfer.

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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby taa71458 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:33 pm

He’s not good.
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby CUGrads03 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:31 pm

Two things this thread continues to show me:

1) Regardless of the topic, we’ll eventually just start arguing with each other.

2) For not liking UNL there sure seems to be a good amount of interest in discussing them.

I’m going to finally take the advice I’ve heard so many times before and just stop reading a thread I don’t care about. That’s on me. File me in the category that doesn’t give two shits about any of this.
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby Waylon Van Smack » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:09 pm

taa71458 wrote:He’s not good.

Name a big man under Miles that has actually gotten better while in his tutelage?
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby Jet915 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:20 pm

Wizard of Westroads wrote:Returning to basketball, looks like their starting center is a midseason transfer.


Pretty commonplace, Miles always has a few transfers every year....
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby AttyAlum » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:21 pm

Jet915 wrote:
Wizard of Westroads wrote:Returning to basketball, looks like their starting center is a midseason transfer.


Pretty commonplace, Miles always has a few transfers every year....

True, but not normally during the season.
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby cu8493 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:44 pm

I'm not usually on Miles' side on these transfers, but this is one that is not on him, IMO. I don't think the kid is better than low mid-major, and I don't think he's going to get any better. I think he had a knee scoped prior to the season, and maybe his knees are just bad, but the guy can barely jump (I mean like a less than 6 inch vertical), and if you recall the number of bricks he laid in our game, that seems to not have been a one-time thing. I think Miles' patience may have finally worn out with the kid and he may have been going to lose a lot of his minutes (he can barely stay on the floor anyway due to almost constant foul issues, it seems). They will be hurt do to lack of depth, but I find it hard to believe his minutes will be missed all that much (except when the two other bigs get in foul trouble). I also find his move puzzling, because no P6 or probably even next level team is going to spend a scholarship on him, IMO. My guess is he ends up at Summit league at best and possibly DII - if he transfers.
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Re: The reason I hate UNL

Postby LynchMob » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:55 pm

You're making a lot of great points, but you're missing the key - all those things are on MIles because he brought the kid in.
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