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Postby jayball » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:56 pm

So this might be too deep and personal of a discussion but I thought I would try it anyway. Happy to take this into private messages if that is better for people.

I am looking for advice on a few things from those who practice a religious faith.

-How did you find the right church or community for your family?
-what things do you do to try to pass on a faith to your kids.
-beyond attending services, How do you nurture an internal spiritual life in your kids that can help them later in life?

Context for my inquiries. (This got long sorry).
I grew up loosely presbyterian. As a military family we moved fairly frequently and I attended church with my mother and siblings in spurts My father never really came due to bad experiences with religion in his childhood. While I know the basics of Christianity and have had mostly positive religious experiences I would not say I have deep religious roots. My relationship with god has fluctuated widely with large periods of time being disconnected. I have always been envious of people that have a deep spiritual life and community. My wife attended a Christian school at times but her family did not have a religious tradition that the actively practiced.

I have two young children and feel responsible for helping connect them to God. Furthermore I have been experiencing a personal pull to a closer relationship.

Our family experienced a serious health crisis and while things are good now the future is uncertain. One of my sons may face some serious challenges in the future. He was too young to comprehend things previously but he will become more and more aware as he ages. I would like to help give him tools to help deal with that.

I received enormous comfort and strength leaning in to God during that difficult time. It was intense and deeply moving. Since that time I have been seeking way to build that more into my life and my family. We have been church "shopping" and kind of fumbling around searching for a way to connect with the right religious community. Just curious to hear from others about their experiences finding a church and other efforts to help nurture faith in kids. (My oldest is five).

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