Silence, a movie by Martin Scorsese

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Silence, a movie by Martin Scorsese

Postby CU Final Four » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:09 pm

1. It is a tough movie to watch but I thought it was my duty to my Jesuit teachers to see it. If you go, read the interview with .Fr. James Martin, S.J. here: ... ce-part-i/

Fr. Martin helped on the script and movie and he made it way better. Now if only he could have persuaded Marty to cut about 15 minutes. Two hour plus run time and it is slow. Four people walked out the night we saw it.

$40m cost and about a $5m gross so far. (Aside. Some Jesuits in the Philippines scraped together a tiny fraction of that for a new movie on Ignatius.)

The Jesuits back then were physically, mentally and spiritually tough. Here was their assignment: Sail half way around the world to a foreign country where you are in extreme danger and convert people to Catholicism. How they learned Japanese at that time was a mystery to me. They had no money and no baggage other than a Mass kit.

They were tortured. Their converts were crucified. Other forms of torture. Real torture. Torture that can kill and maim you,

There is a "Sophie's Choice" aspect to the movie and I will leave it at that. Good ending.

Big mistake not to have any real music in it. Especially when compared to the wonderful music in "The Mission."

2. Reports that the Pope had a special Vatican premiere with Marty and a bunch of Jesuits. I know Pope Francis reads this board so this message is for him. The Jesuits and other Catholic missionaries failed in Japan as less than 1% of the population is Catholic today. But after I saw the movie, I can see why. An overwhelming political and military force crushed and killed the early missionaries.

But, dear Pope, where does Catholicism stand in Europe today? Is Ignatius even known in his home province today? The numbers are way down for Mass attendance. Europe is securalized. Can you do anything to stop and reverse this? You better get on the stick as Europe is in a demographic death spiral. Catholicism in Europe is becoming irrelevant and just a historic curiosity.

More importantly Europe is being invaded by Muslims. The same religion that crucifies and tortures Catholics today. You probably were uncomfortable with many of the movie scenes from 1640. But in 2016, it was ten times worse in the Middle East. I will also remind you of the beheading of Marquette alum James Foley. Some of this torture has been filmed.

Radical Islam is at war with Christians whether we like it or not. It might be wise to fight back. In order to understand the scale of the problem you might want to check out

IOW, you need to get back to your core mission and spend less time and money on global warming.

What would Ignatius do?
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