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Operate, gtmo may be moving on up...

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 5:48 pm
by gtmoBlue
I am looking for Creightonians to run, operate, and contribute on Bluenotes is my wordpress blog of 9 years from which I have spewed forth gtmoisms seemingly forever. There is a strong possibility that I will receive an opportunity to move on & up in the near future, so I am seeking folks to operate Bluenotes2.

Please PM me if you have interest in blogging and would like to run your own show. I also have a message board, which needs upgrading on PHP as well. The fanbase has several persons who would be great contributors - from our squad of eternal optimists, to wb77 who works wonders with photos, and you can use students for photogs and videographers (I asked before, but no takers) - although I am not in Omaha.

If interested, pls PM me here and let's talk irt your plan. I would still do an occasional post, but you would run the show and the upgrading of the site.

Jim (gtmoBlue)