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Postby Jaybird » Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:58 pm


An urban oasis, dropped down in the middle of west Omaha. You'll find not only an easy-on-the-wallet ticket price of zero, but endless vistas of absolutely free parking.

Once you arrive, you'll discover to your delight an array of beautifully-manicured fields where you can sample, if you choose, a virtual smorgasbord of exciting ballgames at different age levels. There's even a convenient, centrally located concession stand with a mouth-watering selection of ballpark favorites, including many innovative offerings (be sure to check out a frito pie that rivals the finest Mexican restaurants).

You'll be treated to row after row of nostalgic, throwback-style bleacher seating that encourages a "howdy neighbor!" conviviality. Classic, traditional scoreboards refreshingly free of advertising. No matter where you turn, you'll see heartstopping action uninterrupted by interminable between-innings commercial breaks, or annoying video reviews, or endless visits to the mound, or batters stepping out after every pitch, or pitchers shaking off one sign after another. This is baseball (or tee ball or softball) the way it was always meant to be played, hearkening back to a simpler era.

And don't leave without visiting the 11-12 year old field tucked back by the Roanoke subdivision roundabout, near the racing pigeon coops. (Seriously). It's a hidden gem.

Other than that, I got nothin' that hasn't already been covered. I did sort of like the old ballpark in St. Joes, Missouri. They've got light poles in play, in the outfield. You don't see that every day. Mickey Mantle played there. Not lately, though.
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